Message to our Partners/Drivers of Tampa Bay:

Dear Brother (Sister) :

Argos Rides is the Rideshare Company that is run by Rideshare Drivers! We have been in your position and know the problems you are facing because we have been there ourselves!
It will be mandatory for you to be activated as a driver  in Argos Rides, LLC,
(Directions are included down here)

YES, there is a light at the end of the tunnel!!
You are near to start working mainly for yourself, your family,  and your community. (Your  present frustrations are to disappear!!)
But, like anything worthy in the real world, it demands ACTION!  (Most of the times, what is easily accomplished, either is short-lived or is not valuable at all.)
Follow Argos Rides, LLC  and you will see yourself in several weeks working for much more money and, yes, under much better labor conditions.
But, as stated above, you have to act!
Argos Rides, LLC keeps its promises: you will receive 82% of the gross earnings (besides toll paid and tips received), and out of what is left, we will send 10% our net  income to the Food Bank for the Needy of our community. 

But ...  for you to receive the fruits of a change, YOU HAVE TO ACT TOWARD THAT CHANGE!

UPDATE: All Applicants who are certified by ANOTHER RIDESHARE COMPANY or are an ACTIVE TAXI DRIVER, you are automatically Grandfathered in. You do not need to go through an additional process.

ACTIVE DRIVERS need to show us that you are currently active by sending a screen Shot of your home screen in the APP in  ACTIVE DRIVING MODE. That is all you have to do!

Inactive Drivers need to sign up with another company and then sign up with us afterward. If you have never driven a rideshare before or have never driven a Taxi, you must complete this step.

Compensation Package:  Up to 82% (cash + benefits) of the amount produced.
Component s of the Package:
1.-70% (seventy percent) cash based on the amount produced.
2.- SICK TIME: Up to 2 (two) sick weeks (at 80% of regular week pay) time cash compensation a year.
3.- VACATION TIME: Up to 2 (two) sick weeks (at 80% of regular week pay) time cash compensation a year.
4.- Social Security  FICA  employer’s share.
5.- Up to 3% Employer’s matching contribution to a pension account  plan (401K, IRA, etc.)
6.- Medical insurance subsidy.
7.- Legal Assistance (dealing with traffic tickets, etc.) subsidy.
8.- Gas discount
9.- Others

Think about so many benefits that you will be opening  the door for by getting through Argos Rides, LLC.

Your brother,

Argos Rides, LLC Tampa Bay Regional Coordinator